• Insulin cube
  • Rhinovirus cube
  • Radiolarian tests
  • Contract enforcement in Welsh counties 1850-1900
We'll make your data beautiful.

3D models lasered into glass

CrystalProteins creates accurate 3D etchings inside blocks of glass, giving real-world insight into complex structures. We work with proteins, small molecules, image stacks, and all kinds of 3D data, direct from your files. Sizes are paperweights to large awards, with optional light bases. If you'd like an inscription or logo, we can add it right in the glass.

They're useful as visualization tools for research, thoughtful gifts for a colleague, student or advisor, elegant mementos of a discovery or deal. Sculptor Bathsheba Grossman and laser etchers Precision Crystal have worked together for over a decade, making thousands of crystals in many scientific subjects. Our specialized software and high-resolution lasers give clean, fine-grained images, plus we bring an artist's vision to every project.

Ferritin in a corner-cut cube.

Ferritin (1MFR) in a corner-cut cube.

Human hemoglobin (1HHO) 3D view, in an 80mm glass cube.

Getting started

Visit our quote page to describe your project and get a quick free estimate of cost and shipping time. Or just send a note about what you'd like, along with a PDB file, Pymol session, or any open format that's right for your data. Then we'll set up a binding quote and ship date, with a 3D preview so you can see how the glass will look from all angles.

One piece or many is fine: there's a setup charge to start and then you can get any quantity of glass pieces, now or later. We're punctual and flexible, and if you have a deadline we can tell you with confidence whether it's possible. All data is kept confidential unless you say otherwise in writing.

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